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Project Description


During the summer of 2017, I had the incredible chance to live in New York City and work for NBCUniversal. My responsibilities included:

  • Develop interactive data visualizations for the NBC OTS digital Platforms.
  • Create an interactive for the Russia Investigation that remained on 12 station’s homepages for over a month.
  • Work at the multimedia help desk on various development and design requests involving timely stories.
  • Make a “how to” gallery for Fourth of July fireworks that received over 360,000 clicks.

Check out some of the projects I worked on below:

Trump/Russia Interactive

White House Breaches

Solar Eclipse Calculator

Pet-O-Nomics Interactive

Sharknado Video

Joe Montana Video

Chris Blue Video

Cuba/U.S. Timeline

Healthcare Graphs

D.C. Rat Inspection Map

Pet Friendly Colleges Map

Working for NBC OTS gave me the chance to feel the excitement of a big company, but work with a relatively small team. I walked away from the experience with insight on what makes a good team member, and how to collaborate on projects. This was a one-of-a-kind internship that allowed me to grow individually in my skills, but also as a professional. I took on big responsibilities, such as living on my own in a big city, meeting deadlines, working with supervisors and bosses, and not to mention figuring out public transportation!

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