CPJW 2017


Carolina Photojournalism Workshop 2017 The Carolina Photojournalism Workshop tells stories of towns and cities around North Carolina. Since 2004, a group of multimedia students from the University of North Carolina travel to these unique locations with a group of professional coaches to produce a documentary website in a week. I worked on the website [...]

Contact Manager


Contact Manager A sleek and user friendly contact managing system and style guide. Add, edit, update, or remove contacts with this app. I used php and mySQL to create an application that stores information that users put in via a database. Visit Site GitHub [...]

UNC Zeta Tau Alpha


UNC Zeta Tau Alpha As a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, I noticed the need for a new website. The original site, unc.zetataualpha.org, is managed by Nationals, and creating this new site allowed me to give our chapter's website some personal touches! Created through a WordPress template, this project challenged me to think [...]

Carolina Football


Carolina Football Tar Heel Topics I created a website for the Football department at UNC showcasing the player's social media.Unfortunately, some of the featured players have deactivated their twitter accounts as they entered the NFL draft. The site uses Twitter, Google Maps, and NYT's API to gather information. Visit Site GitHub [...]

Cost of a Canine


Cost of a Canine Slider This project turned an infographic I created about the cost of a new dog into an interactive slider. The project challenged me to work with jqueries and javascript to create the interactive. Visit Site GitHub

Powering A Nation


Powering a Nation My first website (2015) was based off the School of Journalism's multimedia project, Powering a Nation. I took the content that the team produced and turned it into a website. The entire site was made entirely through HTML and CSS; no external template was used. This project gave me a lot [...]

Going the Distance


Going the Distance This website was created for my Multimedia class in partnership with the magazine design class. We took the magazine they created, 'Going the Distance', and turned it into a website.The goal was to create our own WordPress template. I used my coding skills to create the template that worked best for [...]

State of Charlotte


State of Charlotte New York is a big city, and many people are worried about certain areas and their level of safety. With this crime reporter, citizens can report crimes and update current ones if it has occurred multiple times. The crimes can also be deleted if needed. Users can also see data [...]