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Project Description

Emerging Technologies Lab

The lab for emerging technologies (ET Lab) resides within the School of Media and Journalism and focuses on innovative storytelling with VR, AR, and Ai. During my senior year, I’ve worked as a designer for multiple branding and user interface projects. Check out the lab at their website, http://et-lab.org/.

The News Reporter App

My first task involved the design and protocol of an app for small local news stations. To stay competitive with large news sites that send users push notifications via a mobile app, this design allows small newspapers to create their own app.

We used a small newspaper company, The News Reporter, to implement and illustrate the design. Please touch the prototype screen to navigate the app.

Talking Biz News App

This application takes the popular talkingbiznews.com website and turns it into a functional mobile app. The process began by analyzing the website’s current audience and looking at traffic trends. From there I designed wireframes and a prototype for the app.

Please touch the prototype screen to navigate the app.

Kenan Ai Product Interface Design

Mr. Reese Logo Branding

Mr. Reese is an Ai product that answers questions from the Q&A database of a news company. I designed the logo for the product.

Gear Up VR Logo Branding

This VR product helps middle and high school students experience a college campus through Virtual Reality and 360 Video.

Hospital AR Game

My current UX project at the Emerging Technologies Lab focuses on leading a team of 8 developers and designers to create a game for children at the UNC Children’s hospital. Below is an example of what the game will look like once it is complete at the end of April.